Electrify America Introduces Fully Redesigned Mobile App for Effortless Public and Home Electric Vehicle Charging

Reimagined from the ground up, the mobile app features an intuitive new design and thoughtful usability enhancements to meet essential mobility needs of current and future electric vehicle drivers


Reston, VA (March 4, 2021) – Electrify America has rolled out a full redesign of its industry-leading mobile app to provide electric vehicle (EV) drivers with a simple and inclusive ‘one stop’ solution for all their transportation and mobility needs. The new version of the app is available now through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Building on the foundation of the original Electrify America mobile app, the redesign offers improved functionality and an intentionally approachable interface that is welcoming to new and existing customers alike. Those familiar with the brand will recognize the signature green glow of Electrify America’s chargers leveraged throughout, along with refreshed iconography for an evolved visual aesthetic. 

Specific enhancements to the mobile app include a streamlined account creation process, helpful tips for navigating station information, guidance throughout the charging experience, optimized contactless payment and an intuitive display of charging station information.

“Mobile apps are playing a more important role than ever in today’s world. We know EV drivers rely on the Electrify America app to help them with essential needs and stay connected to the world around them – getting to their jobs, medical appointments and many more vital daily activities,” said Brenna Corrigan, manager of brand & digital marketing at Electrify America. “We did a lot of listening and reflecting on what we could improve to make the charging experience as smooth and efficient as possible, and we believe this new app will meet those expectations while appealing to a wider audience of EV drivers.”

EV drivers have become increasingly reliant on the network’s mobile app, with more than half of customers using it to locate nearby charging stations, check charger availability and pay for and start a charging session, contact-free. The updated app continues to offer the same fundamental features, while expanding functionality to transform it from a ‘public charging app’ to an everyday app that meets all of a customer’s charging needs – whether home, public or commercial.

With Electrify Home’s upcoming debut of HomeStation, the brand’s next generation, WiFi-enabled residential charger, customers will be able to also manage their home charging needs through the same mobile app. HomeStation users will be able to connect their charger with the mobile app to start and stop charging sessions remotely, view charging history and schedule a charge during off-peak hours to take advantage of lower energy costs when possible. With the ability to seamlessly switch between the public network and HomeStation, the mobile app will offer EV drivers one consolidated solution for managing all of their charging needs.

App Update Highlights:

  • A Single Charging Ecosystem: In addition to getting access to the nation’s largest public network, customers will be able to fully manage their HomeStation on the Electrify America mobile app, including scheduling a charge and viewing user history. Visit https://www.electrifyhome.com/ to sign up for updates on HomeStation
  • Innovative & User-centric Design: Leveraging industry best practices, the app offers a refined aesthetic that features major design and user experience updates, including:
    • intuitive new iconography;
    • map pins with new labels that provide additional information for each charging station and charger availability;
    • biometric authentication;
    • an effortless search experience – putting the search bar in thumb range, prioritized for one-hand use;
    • more prominent charger availability within map navigation;
    • in-session charging overviews visible with a quick glance;
    • consolidated setting options;
    • in-app visual cues for charge session payment methods; and
    • transparent and inclusive account and transaction history
  • Streamlined Charging Plan Enrollment: A simplified in-app experience provides intuitive instruction, whether the user is charging as an individual or as a commercial or fleet customer. EV drivers can choose from Pass or Pass+ plans, and view offers that may be available to customers for preferred pricing, complimentary charging and other benefits from their vehicle manufacturer or another provider. Users now have multiple options for checking their eligibility for special offers or savings.
  • Faster Account Creation: Becoming an Electrify America member is easier than ever. The account creation process has been shortened – no longer requiring a credit card to sign up and begin viewing and navigating to charging stations.

In addition to new and enhanced design and functionality, the upgraded version of the mobile app keeps the same convenient features that Electrify America customers rely on for their charging needs – including the ability to start and stop a charging session, track charging status and save favorite stations.

Additional App Features:

  • Locate a Charger: Use the app to find a charging station nearby and get directions. The nationwide network map allows users to plan out everything from a grocery store run to a cross-country trip – showing how many charging stations are nearby, how many of each type of chargers are at the station and which chargers are currently available. Users who sign up to become an Electrify America Pass or Pass+ member can also get notified when a charger becomes available.
  • Contactless Payment: Upload payment information in the app and pay for a charging session with the digital membership card. Users can either swipe to start charging in the app or use the RFID reader on the charger. Prices can be viewed in advance by selecting the desired station in the app or viewing the charger screen.
  • Track a Charging Session: Use the app to check the progress of a charging session in real time. If the vehicle communicates it, the app will show the battery’s current state of charge (SOC) and the time until it reaches “bulk” charge (typically around 80 percent SOC). Users can also opt to receive notifications when the charging session has started, slowed and stopped.

Prior to embarking on the redesign, Electrify America sought extensive feedback from both experienced and new EV drivers to ensure that changes to the app were welcoming to early adopters and the EV drivers of tomorrow alike. User research activities ranged from focus groups, individual interviews, online surveys, field studies and usability testing with hundreds of current and prospective EV drivers to inform the design and experience updates. Results revealed that customers across the board are looking for an EV charging app that makes life easier, is innovative, helpful, relevant, precise and effortless.

“We are excited to offer customers this upgraded experience, and intend to use this as the foundation for continued enhancements and innovations,” said Corrigan. “This redesigned app helps us to deliver on what we believe the electric vehicle driving experience should be – effortless and enjoyable.”

Electrify America’s redesigned mobile app is the company’s latest example of its commitment to improving and digitizing the entire electric vehicle experience on the road and at home. With dedicated business units spanning public, commercial and home charging, Electrify America is helping to show today’s drivers how easy it is to own an EV.




About Electrify America

Electrify America LLC, the largest open DC fast charging network in the U.S., is investing $2 billion over 10 years in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure, education and access. The investment will enable millions of Americans to discover the benefits of electric driving and support the build-out of a nationwide network of workplace, community and highway chargers that are convenient and reliable. Electrify America expects to install or have under development approximately 800 total charging stations with about 3,500 DC fast chargers by December 2021. During this period, the company will be expanding to 29 metros and 45 states, including two cross-country routes, delivering on its commitment to support increased ZEV adoption with a network that is comprehensive, technologically advanced and customer friendly. Electrify America earned the “2020 EV Charging Infrastructure Best-in-Test” award from umlaut, an independent testing & validation company, as published in Charged Electric Vehicles Magazine noting the brand’s accessibility and seamless customer experience. Electrify America’s Electrify Home® offers home charging solutions for consumers with flexible installation options. Electrify Commercial® provides expert solutions for businesses looking to develop electric vehicle charging programs. For more information, visit www.electrifyamerica.com and media.electrifyamerica.com.


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