Electrify America & Eleven Unveil Electric Vehicle Campaign Called 'Hello, Freedom'

All-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E and Harley-Davidson LiveWire® Featured

RESTON, VA (August 31, 2020) -- Electrify America and creative agency Eleven, have launched ‘Hello, Freedom’ - an integrated campaign designed to drive awareness for the brand and charging station availability among electric vehicle (EV) owners and intenders in the U.S. The campaign promotes the freedom to travel for when EV drivers are ready to go about their everyday travel needs, just like drivers of gas-powered vehicles.

Electrify America is the largest open direct current (DC) fast charging network for electric vehicles in the U.S. The company’s charging network features more than 2,000 ultra-fast chargers at over 460 charging stations.

‘Hello, Freedom’ highlights the reduced freedom of everyday travel that many Americans have experienced this year. It focuses on a renewed appreciation for the privilege of travel by vehicle and the beauty of being able to go anywhere thanks to a growing EV charging network. The campaign welcomes EV drivers to utilize Electrify America’s nationwide network of ultra-fast chargers and celebrates the beloved American spirit of freedom for customers who may choose to get on the move again.

The brand film, taking the form of a group video call seen all too frequently over the past few months, emphasizes Electrify America’s ability to help EV owners break away from the new norm and move about their community for necessary travel.

“In the past, electric vehicle travel has been a challenge due to the lack of convenient charging options. With our rapid deployment of ultra-fast EV chargers, Electrify America is helping provide EV owners with the freedom to travel where and when they need,” said Misti Murphey, senior manager of marketing for Electrify America. “This year we have all experienced limitations on travel as we learn to stay safe and carefully move about in our everyday lives. The ‘Hello, Freedom’ campaign not only highlights the choice of electric vehicle travel, but also independence from relying on a gas pump.”

Ford Mustang Mach E and Harley-Davidson LiveWire® Appear in Electrify America Campaign

‘Hello, Freedom’ features the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Harley Davidson LiveWire®, two iconic American car manufacturers that are among the manufacturers championing electric mobility through charging agreements with Electrify America.

Eleven’s Creative Approach for ‘Hello, Freedom’ Campaign

Eleven and production company Florence filmed the brand film completely remote. After a camera package was shipped to each talent, the director and producers utilized a remote viewing platform to control the actors’ devices so that adjustments could be made in real-time. The boards, held by the talent, depict a story of EV drivers venturing out and exploring the world in their EVs. The director worked with the talent to perfectly time each movement and board placement to create a seamless, enjoyable brand film. 

“We wanted to create a commercial that was not only entertaining but also relatable,” said Carter Debski, creative director at Eleven. ”A spot that people could see themselves in - sheltering at home with their families or pets, doing normal stuff. Ready to get back out there, on the road. What better way than a choreographed Zoom animation. We were all on Zoom watching the shoot happen through Zoom, for a commercial taking place on Zoom. It was much different than a pre-COVID shoot. We learned as we went, used our director’s experience and ended up with something that feels fresh, which is what we all need right now.”

‘Hello, Freedom’ instills confidence in eager electric vehicle drivers and intenders through highlighting Electrify America’s rapidly expanding network, as well as its commitment to improving the quality of the charging station experience. The integrated campaign consists of three brand films (:06, :15, :30 spots) for digital/connected TV, online video, paid social, streaming audio, podcasts and digital display banners.

Previously, Electrify America worked with Eleven on the 2019 ‘Normal Now’ campaign, composed of a website and five brand films aimed to introduce and normalize zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) for the vast majority of Americans who are not aware of or have never considered switching to a zero-emission vehicle.


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About Electrify America

Electrify America LLC, the largest open DC fast charging network in the U.S., is investing $2 billion over 10 years in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure, education and access. The investment will enable millions of Americans to discover the benefits of electric driving and support the build-out of a nationwide network of workplace, community and highway chargers that are convenient and reliable. Electrify America expects to install or have under development approximately 800 total charging stations with about 3,500 DC fast chargers by December 2021. During this period, the company will be expanding to 29 metros and 45 states, including two cross-country routes, delivering on its commitment to support increased ZEV adoption with a network that is comprehensive, technologically advanced and customer friendly. Electrify America also offers home charging solutions for consumers with flexible installation options.

About Eleven

Eleven is a creative agency that sits at the intersection of branding, advertising, design, and media activation. The agency is most well-known for launching brands and category-defining brand ideas for some of the world's most recognizable brands and fastest growing startups. Founded and organically grown since 1999, Eleven has earned a reputation for developing ideas that accelerate growth for brands like Samsung, Apple, Google Cloud, Oakley, Virgin America and CommonSpirit Health. Their headquarters in San Francisco, and offices in multiple cities across the U.S., has informed a culture that is agile, innovative, and oriented to driving commercial success  through creative work that 'goes to 11'.

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