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Using the site

To make full use of the website, you must register for access. Filling out the registration form sends your details; you may log in to the site once your request is approved.

The site is navigated using the menu on the top of each page. Supplementary links may also be found at the bottom of some pages.

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My Downloads

The site includes a function named My Downloads, which allows visitors to collect images and documents from different sections of the website and download or email them in one batch operation.

Where images and documents are listed or displayed on the site, you may see "Add Download" icons. Clicking any such icon will add the file concerned to your My Downloads. The icon will then change to a "Remove Download" icon, which will remove the file when clicked.

Clicking the My Downloads link at the top of any page will display the contents of your My Downloads. You will be presented with three links:

  • Download ZIP File packages the contents of your My Downloads in a ZIP and presents it to you for download
  • Email Files presents a form allowing you to email a ZIP of My Downloads files to yourself or a contact
  • Remove All Files clears the contents of your My Downloads.


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